A Saunter Down Lexington Avenue
Lexington Avenue

While tourists primarily recognize the Upper East Side as a center for museums, galleries and the arts, those who live here also know the UES boasts many of the finest restaurants and shopping in the entire city. Many are concentrated along one celebrated thoroughfare: Lexington Avenue. Beginning just North of Gramercy Park, Lexington really brings life to the Upper East Side.

And just as the residences at 150 East 72nd Street have been dramatically re-envisioned to keep up with the modern tastes of its residents, so too has Lexington Avenue. Residents of 150 are perfectly positioned to enjoy both the residential tranquility that the Upper East Side offers, as well as the fabulous amenities on Lexington that are just steps away.

For fans of fine dining, great restaurants on Lexington are abundant. After you’ve grabbed pre-dinner drinks at Lexington Bar & Books (1020), check out the Arlington Club (1032) — a high-end steakhouse with a continental twist. Orsay (1057) is an exquisite taste of France in a gorgeous setting, and Swifty (1007) is a foodie’s dream, presenting everything from American and French, to Italian and Indian–all of which are exquisitely prepared.

If you simply must have Italian, try Sette Mezzo (969), Lumi (963) or Bella Blue (967). And don’t forget: EATS (1055) will make you one of the best burgers in the neighborhood.

If it’s day-time snacks you’re looking for, you can get real, down-home cooking and java-aplenty at Neil’s Coffee Shop (961) and a wealth of pasties and treats at Corrado Café (1280), which also has a bread & pastry specialty store a little further down Lex.

Once you’re stuffed, the antiques of Treillage (1015) and books of Shakespeare & Company (939) offer great places to browse on a Sunday afternoon, and Lexington Gardens (1011) and HB Home (1036) will provide you with everything you need to deck out your new home.

If there are little ones in your life, you can kit them out in the finest children’s clothes at Z’baby Company Inc. (996), Lemonade (1038) and Roberta Roller Rabbit (1019), before finding them some delightful toys at Mary Arnold (1010). If you want a one-stop-shop for all things kids, simply head to Giggle (1033).

Of course, boutiques for grown-ups are no stranger to Lexington either. Ladies, try Roberta Freymann (958), and gents will enjoy Peter Elliot Blue (997).

Lexington Avenue was completed back in 1836, but it continues to grow and thrive—as is evidenced by the dazzling reinvention of 150 East 72nd Street. Come rediscover one of New York’s most charming boulevards, and fall in love all over again.

Image courtesy of: Phillip Capper